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Travelling to Cefalu - Sicily in a nutshell

My first experience with Sicily

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I’ve travelled to Sicily 3 years ago, to this small town called Cefalu, situated about an hour drive away from Palermo. Sicily is the autonomous region of Italy, located at the very south. The moment we arrived, I understood my sense of time doesn’t count here. Be prepared to face people that are so laid back, that you might get the wrong impression they don’t care about anything. They do, they just set their priorities straight.

We arrived at our hotel, Santa Lucia Le Sabbie d’Oro, where you can find the oldest pastry shop in town. I’d say that here, the time stopped around the 70’s or so, because the atmosphere reminds me of some of the Fellini's movies.
Here you can eat some of the best pastries and desserts, including the weirdest thing I tried - an ice-cream in a bun (I know, right).

If you didn’t exercise regularly at home, I guarantee that you’ll get back in shape here, since the beach is about 100 stairs away. And it’s great when you go downstairs, but after a day of swimming, the return to hotel seems like a complete torture.

The great thing about Cefalu is that, though it seems small, it’s actually really exciting. Make sure you visit La rocca, a mountain rising behind the old town town. Here, the human activity dates back far as 4th century BC.
And as we go deeper into the old town, we see cathedral and try to enter there, but a nice lady hands us over a piece of cloth to cover ourselves.
This church dates back to 12th century and reminds us really of the modest times of christianity, before the blings, which is why this little church holds a really special vibe.

Around the cathedral, you’ll find some of the best ice-cream with every flavor you can imagine. Also, if you get hungry, you simply can’t make a mistake while choosing a restaurant. Food is basically perfect here. Which reminds me I really have to mention the fantastic cuisine at our hotel. Each night, there was a buffet table with few different types of fish, pasta, meat, vegetables, salads. It never really repeats that often so, in our 10 days stay, we had the same menu only twice.

If you plan to go for a shopping, be prepared to find some doors closed. Sicilians are, as I mentioned, laid back. This also means their law lets them open their shops when they think it’s necessary. So it’s usually from 8AM to 12pm and from 2 or 3PM to 6-7PM.

If you’re an equestrian enthusiast just like me, you might be interested in horse tours available near Cefalu. Riding trips go from an hour long trail to the whole day trips with a group. Also, there’s a super cool tour that lasts for about 6 days and you ride all the way to Etna and back. How cool is that?

I’d recommend anyone to visit Sicily, and Cefalu as their primary destination. You’ll immediately fall in love with the place, and get back to Sicily as soon as possible.

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